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Web Site Design

Let’s design your Internet facade the best way possible. Web site will be there to increase your profitability. Web site design is carried out by integrating social media channels and with quality digital marketing consultancy. Obtain all that is required for a website in one go. Let the web solution be an application that is easy to update, prepared for needs and to achieve goals.

P2C Customer Tracking System

All your clients and their instance is in your pocket! You can reach this application from your desktop or mobile devices and share information with authorized users. You dont have to waste time entering information into complex systems.

Task Based System (TBS) is the most practical mobile platform. The proven product P2C is provided along with application training, sales and marketing consultancy. Receive years of experience now.


YESS Projects

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a medium where companies have a chance to become more noticeable by carefully applying and rapidly following creative methods. It is very important that Social Media be used correctly. It is one of the most important communication channels of today.

Each organization must formulate a unique plan and implement it on a long term basis to gain adequate results. YESS offers creative and successful digital media plans by its experience and strong infrastructure.

Web Programming

There has been a revolution in the software industry due to the introduction of mobile devices and cloud computing technologies. Instead of purchasing a software package and installing it on your computer, it is possible to develop an on-line application on the cloud and access it anytime using any device that has access to the internet, and share information.

Our team develops custom software and points out issues that may cause problems in the future and advices on best ways to set up and conduct such web based software projects.

Training and Consultancy

Consultancy and Training

Digital Technology Training and Development

The information industry is moving rapidly and it is necessary to come up with creative methods and business models by knowing the most recent technologies. This is essential to gain competitive advantage in the digital age. The technology needs of each institution are different and unique. Even though technology may have similarities with others, in order to be competitive, solutions should be innovative and creative.

YESS training services are designed to help companies to know enough about technological methods, determine where the organization stands and what direction it should be headed and goals it should be setting. We are committed to making the utmost contribution to the firm by focusing on various proven methods for Sales, Marketing, Job Attendance, Pre-Accounting, Customer Relationship Management, Execution solutions. We also take part in the solution for the solution to execute, until it takes off.

Information Techology Consultancy

Due to the improvement of mobile devices and cloud computing technologies, it has become easier to provide cos effective and practical solutions. However, it is not easy to make a decision as the number of solutions are increasing rapidly. We need to be careful about a number of criteria when deciding on the right applications.

Since YESS has great experience with web based applications, it is possible to develop the right solution with the most recent technology.

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