Issue: 9
Date: June 2015

Preparing web content is extra work

Article image for Preparing web content is extra work
Just as the classic telephone, newspaper, magazine, radio and television, the internet offers a media platform where one can communicate and reach people. It is perhaps the most cost effective interactive platform of all. Nevertheless, preparing content for this platform seems like extra work to many companies.

There is no doubt that Google should get the credit for creation of so much useful information on the web that can be accessed by a few keyword searches. The basic information provided by companies on their websites is no longer enough to attract attention of crowds. Focusing on visuals is important when it comes to a company website design, but the more important is the information that is provided. Content is what your audience reads / watches and what search engine crawlers capture.

Websites should reflect the essence of a company. Company owner, executive, sales and marketing people are working around the clock to increase sales. They talk to people, answer their repetitive questions, send messages to them and frequently share information. There is constant and rapid flow of information coming into the company and going out. Sales strategies are formed and tactics are set in order to stay competitive, increase quality, optimize performance and provide good support. Often times, web sites do not reflect all these efforts in terms of information.

Imagine a sales person visiting a prospect. Every word spoken about the company during the visit is content that can have a place on the website. Sales pitches may change over time and they adjust to the progress of the company. If website can keep this kind of information up to date, then it has a better chance of reaching masses and promising their returns.

There are many options on the İnternet. In case of a B2C company, setting up an e-commerce site may be helpful. Perhaps for a B2B company, whitepapers and newsletters should be the base of information. Presenting the information in a simple, understandable way with high impact is perhaps the artistic side of information. That is why trying to fit information into a certain web template can easily hurt the perception of messages and information published. Web sites should be a dynamic platform to continuously provide fresh information to its audience wisely making use of the business intelligence within the company.

As any work, it takes resource to put the information together and publish it across websites, social media and other digital channels. Just as a sales person has time to speak to prospects, people in the company should have time to contribute and update their web content information. There is no guarantee that the content you provide will ever get recognized or increase sales; just as there is no guarantee that a prospect will buy your product after a sales meeting. But one thing is for sure: if you don’t make the effort, you don’t have the chance.


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