Issue: 7
Date: March 2015

Mobile Customer Relationship Management (CRM) P2C (Prospect to Customer) is released by YESS.

Article image for Mobile Customer Relationship Management (CRM) P2C (Prospect to Customer) is released by YESS.
Smart phones and tablets are rapidly developing and new models appear on the market. Ok but are we able to find and use the tools that we need? There are quite a few customer relationship management solutions but do the provided features serve us?

If you look into mobile CRM solutions, you will discover that very few are simple, cost effective, practical and user friendly. Anyone who is performing sales activity would want to manage the below features:

• To reach customer phone, address, website and e-mail information by a quick search and to call them with at click of a button.
• To reach clients both by company name or contact name by search and see the last few conversation notes. Also, get in touch with the client with most common methods.
• To be able to save notes after a meeting or a conversation with the client based on date.
• To review a repot of contact note history about a client
• View their position in the sales process.
• To create categories regarding clients and review them in segments.
• To see client distribution among delegated sales representatives and partner representatives
• To configure their read / write permissions per user.

An application with the above features has recently completed its beta tests. P2C application, used in managing sales processes, was developed for 8 years on Microsoft Access and moved to mobile platform phase by phase. There is no longer the problem of trying to remember a client’s name! There is no need to take out a tablet or a PC either. The updated information is always with you and can be shared. You can view and plan what to do next with each customer with a few simple mobile touches.

Many new requirements will be added to this basic backbone. The additions may vary from one company to another so it can be customized. The aim will be to add new features by keeping the simplicity. P2C (Prospect to Customer) is now used as a cost effective tool to follow up with the stages of prospects as they become customers.


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