Issue: 6
Date: January 2015

Organic SEO Growth of

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One thing that is important for a web site is the reach it receives from crowd related to content. If a website is designed to generate sales leads, its consistent visits are important. Gaining visits through proper content display supports organic SEO (search engine optimization) rank improvement through real visitors that also leads to high potential in lead generation.

Unlike online advertising, organic growth is a more steady and sustainable. This kind of growth can be a better strategy for high valued products. Kapsan Kapitone is a good example of a company that has an organically growing website through social media. Although they haven’t been spending too much time on producing content, they managed to achieve high hits by their social media strategy.

Success also comes from light weight, high performance website that has mobility and simple navigation. Facebook page likes and twitter followers are also good indications that the organic growth will continue. The site visits can accelerate through frequent quality content shared in the network in the following period. Advertising is also more effective once the organic growth has begun.

Kapsan Kapitone achieved 5,614 hits in the fist month and has nearly doubled it to 11,228 in six months without any advertising. Planning for rich content and product campaigns can further boost these rates along with advertising for well formed target keywords.

We are looking forward to the same kind of growth for website which started this month with 1,861 hits. Product arrangement of this company was formed after through analysis and the web objects to display them are unique. The back end database holds the product and brand structure that has scalable infrastructure and enables user editing and inputs.

YESS continues to provide solutions using KISS (Keep It Simple and Stupid) principle with few important tweaks to contribute to site owners. Digital marketing strategies designed for clients’ advantage completes the service package.


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