Issue: 5
Date: April 2014

Fix your web for marketing before competition does

Article image for Fix your web for marketing before competition does
Web sites not aimed at generating more leads have started to lose ground to their competition. If your competitor is being noticed more on the web than your company, then chances are they will get more leads than your organization. That means they have more chance to turn visitors to customers presenting them their solutions. A website that has more visitors, returning visitors, visitors that spend lots of time on product pages and that interact with your web forms have better chance of turning them into customers.

There is no doubt that search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex are the starting points of anyone’s web search. When or if we want an overview on a subject, get resources for our research we start using search engines to find content. We spend more time on web pages that have content that has quality and that is easy to access. Products and services related to the subject often start appearing to us. This is similar to a supermarket where we tend to find related products near the ones we are about to throw into the shopping cart. Internet has been working in a very similar way.

It is not coincidental that the web pages we find on the search engines are those that are qualified ones. They are optimized for search engines having proper SEO infrastructure, they have better content than most others aiming to attract attention of visitors. These websites are registered to search engines; they are optimized for specific keywords. They provide new content regularly to keep their search rank. Their content is focused on a specific crowd that they want to interact with. They have easy navigation options for mobile phone and tablet users. This preparation and constant optimization is very important for a website because no matter how fancy, the site may not even be noticed by thousands of web searchers every day. It’s like having the product at the last shelf in the supermarket.

Trying to reach out to people that need you is an ongoing process on the web. It takes time and constant improvement to build a place of attention. Even on-line advertising requires web infrastructure to be strong. If your competitor is ahead of you in the game it will take time to catch up. An instant, high budget advertising campaign may be a short term solution but it will fade out as soon as the campaign ends.

More and more companies are hiring digital communication directors and social media managers to become a social company on the web. Social media is great for feedback and they can provide great information that won’t usually find you. Strategy can be formed to act as a multiplier to your website’s lead generation. In fact you can turn your website into a sales funnel entry that matches company workflows on the inside for best results.
Web sites’ appearance is just the tip of the iceberg. Delaying to fine tune a website for your organization will just enable you to lose prospects to those acting wisely in this area. There are pages such as Alexa to find out about website rank. However, there are so many parameters to be checked that a single tool may not give you a realistic reference. Therefore, it is logical to work on an efficient web site soon in order to collect revenue later.


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