Issue: 4
Date: January 2014

Web Content is not Independent from Sales and Marketing Strategy

Article image for Web Content is not Independent from Sales and Marketing Strategy
Can Mobile and Web site content be isolated from your sales and marketing strategies? To answer this question we should acknowledge various purposes for having an online presence. Some of these may be the following:

- Be searchable on the Internet, and have a contact point
- Have a mobile site and web site because most successful people and companies have one
- Present what has previously been done and what there is to offer (as a good introduction tool)
- Get visitors’ contact information to send them knowledge about you from time to time

Most common reasons fall under the above categories. Now let’s think about sales and marketing strategies. I am sure they would fall into activity categories such as: Cold Calling, advertising, attending road shows and exhibitions, preparing articles for PR etc.

It is quite clear that website content is not independent from sales and marketing strategies. If website content is not up to date, if it has different information that you are using in sales pitches, marketing articles and presentations then there is confusion. Perhaps a good coordination mechanism can solve the problem. This integrity is also required for social media content updates. Once they are in sync, they will all act as a multiplier for the success of sales and marketing strategies. If a website is there just for the sake of being there, or the content is poor or more complex than necessary then this may be a problem.

Sales and marketing strategy is different for every organization but most of them meet under the title of “Increasing Sales”. Achieving this goal depends on a set of tactics. Lately, the most popular tactic is focusing on lead generation via inbound marketing for the on-line world. In order to start, it is required to analyze the target crowd and ask some questions (persona research).
Then, provide the appropriate content that will attract their attention. Providing free material and calling them to action (CTA) is a good way to have them fill out a form and see if they are willing hear more about your services. Organizing webinars is a great way to interact with potential customers and reach the ones abroad.

Traditional websites are not able to compete with sites that have good strategy, which are well formed and managed. As you can see the content website provides is the tip of the iceberg. Setting sales and marketing goals, formulating sales funnel, researching needs of prospects are all a part of quality lead generation, which should be purpose of a website.

Non-profit websites or personal websites may seem outside of this concept but even those sites have a purpose such as raising funds or awareness. Establishing and maintaining good relations is the common denominator among all online efforts. Isn’t this the main reason for joining social media sites and subscribe to mobile and web sites?


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