Issue: 3
Date: September 2013

How much time does website creation take?

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Decisions for your web presence are getting harder by the month. The main reason for this is that the medium is constantly changing and more criteria for success are added frequently. What used to be a simple informative page placed on your company URL now requires dynamic and interactive elements, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Mobile friendly design, Social Media Integration, fast content management and deployment infrastructure, and more. Each of these items is broad enough to spend a few days to understand and decide on which methods to use. Furthermore, there is the lead generating content creation issue which includes gathering of company data and information to be published which will most probably need modification by the time its ready on paper.

There are lots of opportunities out there to create a web site. Most of them seem easy. Most hosting companies now have “do it your own” pages that allow you to select templates and items to fill in. There are WCM (Web Content Management) portals and blog sites where articles can be published. Some social media sites provide pages that seem to offer a content sharing option. The question here is: How much time will it take to create a website that will serve its purpose? Also, how much time will be required to maintain it?

It is clear that starting with cheap solutions will require a lot of time. It has the risk of having a weak website that may give wrong impression to visitors. Most companies spend more money and time trying to fix what they have faulty started. It is also common that companies spend good money on a good looking websites that often discover that content update and site changes become more difficult and time consuming.

This goes to show that some advice is required in order to be headed in the right direction. Knowing what search engines, site visitors, webmasters, and content creators require is important before publishing anything. Making sure that reviewing monthly reports to see how the site is doing and making changes for improvement is important. There is a direct link between sales lead generation and site popularity for most businesses. It is possible to turn a part of a site into a web application that can empower business. Web site creation and sustainability is going to require a lot of attention. Outsourcing or hiring for dedication could be a good idea.


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