Issue: 2
Date: April 2013

YESS creates mobile platform for Business Simulation

Article image for YESS creates mobile platform for Business Simulation
Ekare ( offers business simulations used in training sessions for corporations. Fast transition to mobile devices has led the company to offer mobile interface which is optimized for friendly use, mobile access and low bandwidth. Since some training sessions can take several days, simulation players can start the game on their PC’s and carry on the business game from their mobile devices. Mobile interface easy access and a backup option to the game interface.

Ekare uses system dynamics which was originally invented in MIT. This methodology enables the simulations act very close to real-life environment. This original modeling is based on scientific system dynamics making the simulations a great method to train company executives and managers. PC and Smart Phone aided training sessions provide an opportunity for attendees to learn through experience and analysis of their decision making. This experience takes training beyond theories and lets trainees learn through their own behavior. Player groups collaborate during the game and get to discover their performance.

YESS is now an official partner aiming to provide these simulations to training centers. Simulation training sessions will be available to consultants, advisors, business coaches and business trainers. YESS is aiming to add value to training sessions by adding the element of behavioral learning. Training sessions require attendance of moderators and trainers for best results. YESS will be organizing these sessions that have increasing demand.
You may view the mobile version of the game at:

Trial Username: yesstest
Gamename: Player1
Password: 1


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