Issue: 18
Date: Fabruary 2022

Web Site Design Prices

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Website prices will differ directly depending on the purpose and scope it. Many different methods can be followed to achieve a website. Working with an agency, freelancer or choosing a 'do it yourself' platform, for example. Depending on the selection, various pricing options will be available. When researching price options, knowing whether website will be a burden or an empowering tool is key is an important consideration.

Essentially, the most basic task of a commercial website is to provide advantages in sales and marketing. Otherwise, it will turn into a chore becoming a liability and an expense item. If we agree that an organization's main necessity is revenue, then the website should bring new customers to the organization and make existing customers return. In the later scenario, the website adds value to the company, and is extremely valuable.

It would make sense for B2C companies to offer their products on popular digital marketplaces (e-commerce sites). Today, people search for products online using popular search engines which list major e-commerce sites on top of search result pages. Companies that want to set up their own e-commerce site should plan the promotion cost near the website development cost.

It will be difficult to reach new users and get them to discover your new e-commerce site. Companies with well-known brands may be an exception to this. In order to make a new website found, advertising or content management tactics may be necessary. Creating a website that will enable sales of your products does not mean that new customers will shop from there immediately. However, such sites can offer a convenience to facilitate the purchases of regular customers. Keep in mind, the sales transaction rate must be high enough for this kind of effort to pay off.

For a website to be an empowering tool, it must be primarily designed for digital marketing. The Internet has been preferred as the new medium because it is cheaper and more comprehensive than physical marketing methods. Television, radio, newspaper, magazine, billboard advertisements are still effective for many companies, but in the digital environment, social media differs by offering content management, e-mail marketing techniques, interaction on a measurable infrastructure. Customer needs, habits and behaviors can be identified and continuous improvements can be carried out each iteration improving marketing results, rapidly.

For an effective website is created, the company and its goals must be analyzed well. Before the construction phase, the CRM and marketing aspects should be considered. The website should be developed for the ideal customer and should have elements that can stand out in the information-intensive environment. DIY platforms can be the solution for startup companies perhaps. The greatest risk with such sites is that it turns you into a web designer/developer. Significant time is lost while learning about these platforms and staying up to date with their ever-changing development interfaces gets frustrating. Such platforms do not help you with a strategic, client focused approach. They are weak at offering your company a unique, tailored website. Often, the website will appeal more to the taste of the person who is creating it, rather than that of their ideal customers.

As a result, a distinct site will not be created (site of selected public templates and components) and will not be open to programming. Keeping the website up-to-date, maintaining SEO performance, integrating social media, fixing variety of mobile device appearances and many other factors are added to the equation, and it will quickly become a burden. Putting the website up is actually just the beginning. From then on, the long-term maintenance and updating process will begin, and it will become the responsibility of the person who designed the site to manage it. If digital marketing activities (SEO, content marketing, CTA, metrics etc.) do not follow and be constant, the performance will be poor.

You can think of the website as the digital “window of your shop”. Its fair to say that it is an important component that effects your sales, requires continuity, requires creativity, and it is an element of competitive edge. Do consider that when seeking web prices. Of course, keeping up with technology, its development and sustainability is essential. More importantly, it influences your ideal customers. The price of a website ranges from a useful, contributing site (having a long-term plan designed by the experienced people) to a superficial, amateur site that has been hastily put together. Often the cost of a cheap site will be higher to the institution.


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