Issue: 15
Date: November 2019

Website Design Mistakes

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Lets gather some common lacks or mistakes made in website design under a few headings. The most important topics are: Technical Errors, Content Errors, Design Errors, SEO Errors.

Technical errors are more related to the infrastructure of the website. Issues related to the server that is used, domain registrar issues, speed of pages, structure of page links, language support structure, display of server errors to visitors (missing pages, server errors), missing, buggy or bloated scripts, permanent and temporary redirects, security vulnerabilities, add-ons and the overly large scripts and images sent to browsers.

Primary content mistake would be having empty content pages and page sections. If a website is published before it is completed, it leaves quite a negative impression for visitors. For this reason, it is better to use an “Under Construction” page until the site is completed or to keep the old site in place - in case of renewing websites. A clean temporary page is better than a blank or buggy page, because it indicates that there are no issues with the domain and that a new site is being created.

If the website stays on a temporary page for too long, it reduces brand value and raises doubt - diminishing trust and faith in the organization. Furthermore, it means that a very important tool, i.e. your website, is not being used for promotion and attention of prospects and clients. The domain is then less likely to be ranked well by search engines, and it causes waste of time for organic growth and achieving good results.

Content errors are significantly important, effecting value and distinction of web sites. Determining the purpose of the site, focusing on presenting ideas, products and services, quality copywriting, and considering the target audience are among the most important topics. Nowadays, websites have become a corporate publishing tool dominating markets and web pages can climb in search results by careful SEO keyword selection. This is one of the main differentiators of productive websites. A properly structured website can be turned into a low-budget, global marketing machine.

About design errors; they often occur by disproportionate visual items, random colors, typography misuse, irregular layouts, crowded and complex pages. Such deficiencies are common among companies that do the job in their IT departments. Website design is now an area that requires expertise and is quite different from infrastructure programming. Web site creation has become an area that requires people in sales and marketing to be charge. These departments should be the owners of the project and to be aware of its power against their competition. In the era of digital transformation, websites have become the most important element in execution of strategies and tactics. The user experience is directly dependent to the design. The user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) trends are rapidly changing and focus is on the ease of use more than ever. “Mobile first” design is one of the most important factors that search engines consider in search result rankings.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) errors, cover the whole area of all the above mentioned common mistakes. They are measured and scored by digital marketers today. Nowadays, W3 and Google seem to be the ones setting the rules in this area. Many other search engines also follow the same criteria. From perspective of Digital Marketing, it is not only important that these mistakes are prevented, but improving SEO methods are what will determine which website is featured. It is a continuous process.


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