Issue: 14
Date: October 2019

Solutions to All Web Site Needs in One

Article image for Solutions to All Web Site Needs in One
It would not be an easy task to list all requirements of a typical website, nowadays. Every organization or person will have various needs of their own. These issues need to be defined by using an effective method. Although some features may not be requested by website owners, there are many important technical requirements out there that are quite necessary for efficient search engine performance, interaction, and for the speed of the website.

We have been accumulating and updating the most important website requests in one package, for years now. This makes it easy and fast to customize for new deployments. We are now at version 10 of this infrastructure and it is called YESS KOR (Knowledge – Objects - Relations).

It is due to this engine that we can provide rich product and services to people that need an aesthetic, interactive, professional website. We update and maintain YESS KOR contained in our websites so that they stay relevant and always progress.

After thorough work analysis, we get to the design, customization and modification phases. Work is staged for preview before approval, and deployed when ready. We see an increase in interaction from website visitors with these formulated web pages, making our clients and us very happy.

One of the most important feature of YESS KOR is that most effective methodologies for gaining customers have been pre-implemented. It allows customized programming requests to be easily added. In addition to these important procedures, features such as: multi-lingual infrastructure, product categorization arrangement, automatic page generation, management console and real-time self-service content modification (test, image, video etc.), product promotion code generator, e-mail notifications, blog (newsletter) creation infrastructure, input for dynamic search engine optimization and meta code, organized page indexing information, compressors for performance increase, partial page updates, form validators, security, responsive design for mobile and other devices, easy search (website and management panel) and similar ones are present.

It takes time and effort to bring all these needs together in one box. YESS KOR goes way beyond providing just a typical website solution having general requests.

When a website is designed by YESS, and infrastructure of many years’ accumulation is present. The results are valuable and indicate that a service that works brilliantly is delivered.


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