Issue: 11
Date: August, 2017

Law Firm Website Quality

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After completing and improving projects for clients for the past few months, YESS has created solutions to provide non-expensive, high quality, full stack web and digital media services for specific businesses. One specific type of business we have progressed in is law firms.

Digital transformation is a challenge for most companies today. It’s not a good idea to limit efforts only to services aspect. Digital marketing transformation is just as important. From what we see around us today, we can say that the simple, direct and rapid solutions are those that carry companies to success.

After completing website in three languages, we started getting good results in terms of quality exposure in the “Law” arena. Having launched a website earlier in this field, we are advancing in this niche. More and more elements support growth and gaining new customers for our clients. We have also seen benefits of secure e-mail and cloud IT infrastructure in this sector. Law firms can easily invest in secure IT infrastructure as well as web exposure, as there are not many other goods or products for attorneys to invest in. Files and e-mails are their most valuable assets, and they must be secured and be free of intrusion risk.

Law firms have various challenges when it comes to setting up a website. Advertising is restricted in many zone regulations and promotion is often by word of mouth. Buyer’s journey is not like any mainstream business. However, it requires a network of quality clients just as any other firm. Content number and quality gains more importance for law firms, and executing a digital marketing plan fine-tuned for the organization is crucial. YESS approaches these specific projects with then end in mind. The website creation needs to foresee glitches and come up with methods that align with restrictions and advantages. Old habits may need to be left behind, that have worked before like general methods including PPC (Pay Per Click) ads.
It’s fair to say that each new project is sponsoring YESS to advance and gain momentum which returns to clients as high value and quality services. It is becoming a tradition to go beyond expectations and come up with new innovative solutions for customer challenges. Solutions have shifted from applying common necessary services to identifying “game changing” elements and adopting those to digital solutions. Identifying what works and what doesn’t is an important factor for success. Rapid modification and responsive approach is in fact the key to optimum results.

People with web design and content marketing experience would know that actions don’t receive immediate response. The best practice in fact is to act fast and adapt quickly. This agile approach is the only way to set your processes up future. Having a website that, is out of date, slow, hard to manage, and has no mobility may work against you. It should have no errors or missing content. Renewing it, knowing it meets todays requirements, being able to manage it easily has great benefits. We have discovered that webmaster (design, code, maintain roles) working closely with marketing manager (knowing audience, competition and buyers journey) is the key. That is why we define tasks as part of one strong plan. Having a strategy and designing to meet well defined goals and defining KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) can take a company digitally far. For a respected organization, search engine competition is important but not the only criteria. Rather, overall digital presence quality comes from considering broad range of metrics personalized and planned for the organization.


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