Issue: 1
Date: March 2013

Website should not be without mobile site

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Data from recent research shows that there is more need for a mobile website. We have recently witnessed that more dynamic pages took over the static - brochure like - websites. It is a fact that there is an increase in websites visits from smart phone device browsers.

There has been an increase of more than %430 in access to the Internet by mobile devices in the United States, last year. The usage of PC’s are higher during the day but mobile devices take over after 18:00 to 8:00. Currently, 87% of the world is using mobile phones. China and India are at the top of the list. BRIC countries prefer to use low cost devices and prefer them to PC’s. 45% of people in Russia of age 18-24 use the internet from mobile devices while there is only 1% mobile internet usage among people over 55.

According to ITU 2011 report, there has been an increase of %45 in the internet subscriptions since 2007. Google states that %79 of the companies which advertise lose millions of potential customers due to the lack of their mobile site. Teta Consultancy Services (TCS) is expecting approximately 13-22 million dollars investment in the near future and this number is expected to increase until 2015. Mobile device usage is 4 Billion, however, about only %1.08 of them have access to the Internet. About 86% of mobile device users access the internet while watching television.
Average Americans spend 2,7 hours socializing on their mobile devices. Mobile tagging and using coupons are becoming common among social media. One third Facebook and half half of twitter users sing in with their mobile devices. However, it should be noted that the cost of mobile internet access is still expensive compared to cable access.

The use of mobile device depends on how much time the user spends travelling or outside their office. One thing we can say is that mobile Internet access will increase in the future and companies having mobile sites will turn this into a great advantage.


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