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Advantage of Dynamic Website During Corona Virus Pandemic

The Corona Virus pandemic has profoundly affected many business sectors. Measures taken by governments that restrict people from leaving their homes, have brought services that need crowded environments to a halt. On one hand, there are businesses waiting for the outbreak to end so that everything to returns back to pervious state, on the other hand, there were businesses that focused on needs that came along with the sudden change, and turned this epidemic into opportunity. The progress of isolation has increased the demand for product sales in markets such as health supplies, online food ordering, and hobby items needed for the home. Despite this, travel has stopped as the market demands i

Buyers Journey and Evolution

The B2B and B2C buying journeys have changed drastically in the last decade. Recently, both purchasing acts of consumers and company executives have changed considerably with the digital age. While the consumer product purchases of individuals turned to use of e-commerce sites, the purchasing flows of organizations mainly included researching on the internet for information and multiple options, beforehand.

In both areas, the impact of typical salespeople are diminishing. In the 90s, information about the product would mostly be shared face-to-face or on the phone by salespeople, whereas, today even details can be accessed via blogs and videos found on the internet in a very short period

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