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Law Firm Website Quality

After completing and improving projects for clients for the past few months, YESS has created solutions to provide non-expensive, high quality, full stack web and digital media services for specific businesses. One specific type of business we have progressed in is law firms.

Digital transformation is a challenge for most companies today. It’s not a good idea to limit efforts only to services aspect. Digital marketing transformation is just as important. From what we see around us today, we can say that the simple, direct and rapid solutions are those that carry companies to success.

Selling in the Digital Era

Understanding the change in business trends and its implications on business, is perhaps one of the most important aspects for business continuity. Since business continuity depends on sales, noticing how sales practices are changing is vital for a company.

Many marketing companies agree that the sales methods are changing rapidly through fast development of the digital platform. In the old days, sales people had a heavy mission to inform and educate their clients in order for sale process to advance. Sales people were doing the hard work in order to gain interest, provide effective sales pitches and bring the sales to a close.