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Website Design Mistakes

Lets gather some common lacks or mistakes made in website design under a few headings. The most important topics are: Technical Errors, Content Errors, Design Errors, SEO Errors.

Technical errors are more related to the infrastructure of the website. Issues related to the server that is used, domain registrar issues, speed of pages, structure of page links, language support structure, display of server errors to visitors (missing pages, server errors), missing, buggy or bloated scripts, permanent and temporary redirects, security vulnerabilities, add-ons and the overly large scripts and images sent to browsers.

Primary content mistake would be having empty content pages and page sectio

Solutions to All Web Site Needs in One

It would not be an easy task to list all requirements of a typical website, nowadays. Every organization or person will have various needs of their own. These issues need to be defined by using an effective method. Although some features may not be requested by website owners, there are many important technical requirements out there that are quite necessary for efficient search engine performance, interaction, and for the speed of the website.

We have been accumulating and updating the most important website requests in one package, for years now. This makes it easy and fast to customize for new deployments. We are now at version 10 of this infrastructure and it is called YESS KOR (Know