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About YESS Company

YESS Company, founded in 2006 is dedicated to creating and offering the most suitable structure for clients by keeping up to date with new technology and marketing methods. We make a thorough analysis of present businesses and offer solutions of current technology for improvement.

We have been providing services in number of areas to advance businesses. We offer training and consultancy in order for business growth, along with services that will support sales and marketing, such as web sites, web applications, social media management, digital marketing plan creation and mobile sales tracking application. YESS has helped many companies achieve success with its practical foundation of TBS (Task Based Sales) methodology and tools that support it.

Providing digital technology solutions by taking role by the solution provider, has gained importance. YESS has contributed to improvement of many companies and has increased its investment in this important field.

YESS is aiming to increase awareness of the changing environment and diagnose requirements needed to adapt to our current time. We help companies to adapt, best way possible, to the global market. One of our primary principle is to prevent companies from being left behind and being harmed from the fast changing disruptive trends.

Founder Burak Aktay

Completing his studies as a Mass Communication major with a Computer Science minor degree from AUC university, Burak Aktay has progressed in his career in the area of Internet and software specific Information Technologies. Internet has been the perfect environment for him to put his computer and mass communication skills and knowledge to use. He has passion in computers and in depth knowledge of the World Wide Web, since it commercially evolved from the early 90’s. Having a creative nature, he has resolved many challenging problems in unique ways, throughout his jobs in IT companies. He is a resourceful, self-motivated entrepreneur, constantly learning and improving his skills, to date.

During his career, he took coding related jobs, project management, sales and marketing management positions, in various IT companies. These positions required rapid adaptation to software product suits, their architecture and infrastructure. Products of these companies were mostly deployed on premises, or hosted as web applications (SaaS) or were offered in the “cloud”. He has experience in conducting relations with businesses in foreign markets in related fields. Adopting to rapid changes in digital business models, using technology to implement new methods, and deploying them to obtain results, gaining and retaining customers have been one of the most important challenges throughout his career. He has put many ideas and products in place that have improved many businesses - which continue to serve until now.

He has been growing his business and YESS brand awareness since 2006 providing solutions to improve businesses by dedication and intimate business relations. He now has developed a great library of web application components, and provided cost effective website and web app. deployment platforms. He is a certified digital marketer that uses most effective lead generation tactics on his offered products. He has advanced understanding of the digital world and innovative approach to utilize future technologies to empower businesses. He is providing insight through his blog and newsletters on this website.

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